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This Scenario Viewer offers an overview on results by policy pathway, illustrating details on RES deployment and related costs, expenditures and benefits, partly at EU and partly at Member State level. Thus, key outcomes are discussed by policy pathway subsequently.


> Introduction

> Detailed results by pathway

> Comparison of key outcomes

Scenario definition and related key assumptions

Several policy dimensions relate to the debate on a future RES strategy for Europe beyond 2020. These include:

  • RES support instruments and financing aspects related thereto;
  • Electricity market design and impacts on market functioning arising from an enhanced use of (volatile) renewable energy sources;
  • Sustainability concerns, in particular related to the use of biomass;
  • Cooperation with third countries, in particular imports (to the EU) of biofuels and solid biomass, as well as renewable electricity.

Generally, future policy choices related to the above dimensions might show a more national orientation or could reflect further consolidation and cooperation among Member States, whereby the ultimate outcome could be a harmonised approach across the EU.

Final scenarios conducted with the Green-X model in the cost-benefit assessment have addressed specifically the role of RES support schemes and related impacts on financing. The following figure provides an overview of the set of key policy pathways assessed within the course of this project.

Please klick on the respective scenario to see detailed results of each assessed scenario.



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