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beyond2020 has aimed to look more closely beyond 2020 by designing and evaluating feasible pathways of a harmonised European policy framework for supporting an enhanced exploitation of renewable electricity in particular, and renewable energy sources (RES) in general. With this the aim of the project has been to contribute to the forming of a European vision of a joint future RES policy framework in the mid- to long-term.

beyond2020 has aimed to influence RES policy making at the EU and national level in the following ways:

  • The project has produced the comprehensive analytical knowledge base for designing harmonised RES policies. Therefore a broad set of policy paths reflecting the main alternatives for RES support schemes have been designed, evaluated and redesigned in an iterative procedure.
  • The analytical knowledge base comprised the evaluation of the designed policy proposals by providing information on the pros and cons of different pathways for a harmonisation of RES support in Europe. Thus, beyond2020 has obviously contributed to the debate whether a harmonisation of RES support appears beneficial at all.
  • If a harmonised RES support is to be pursued, beyond2020 has provided policy makers the background information required for a successful practical implementation of policy proposals.
  • An intense and interactive dissemination framework spread all over Europe has assured a proper stimulation of the corresponding policy debate at the European and national level. Key stakeholders all over Europe have been invited to reflect and reshape key findings gained from beyond2020

Besides policy making, beyond2020 has also aimed to influence investor’s confidence on the long-term perspectives for RES in general, and renewable electricity in particular, in a positive manner by establishing the process for the formulation of the post-2020 RES policy framework well in time. With this the project has layed the grounds for a smooth transition from national to a harmonised policy framework for RES (assuming harmonisation becomes the preferred policy option).


General contact for more infomation: resch@eeg.tuwien.ac.at
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