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A broad set_of_results has been derived within beyond2020. Results are available in form of comprehensive project reports, accomplished by brief summaries of key findings and presentations at workshops as well as via scientific papers. See the download_section for all available publications.

Amongst several, the key outcomes of beyond2020 are:

  • Identification of possible_policy_approaches for a harmonization of RES(-E) support in Europe. Hereby the definition and assessment of common criteria to evaluate those policy approaches plays a key role.
  • Identification of potential_areas_of_conflict of a harmonised RES support scheme with European Union Law as well as derivation of legal requirements and policy recommendations for the adoption and implementation of a potential harmonised RES(-E) support scheme.
  • Outline of a legal_draft for the implementation of key provisions of two recommended policy pathways for a harmonization of RES(-E) support
  • A Review report_on_interactions between RES-E support instruments and electricity markets, depicting the scientific view as well as the view of electricity market players.
  • An assessment_report on the impacts of the five policy design options on future electricity markets and additionally future impacts and costs of the proposed policy approaches until 2030 have beenevaluated in beyond2020.
  • A Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)_tool to analyse and evaluate the policy proposals, finally leading to a fine-tailored policy package, offering a concise representation of key outcomes and pros and cons of each policy pathway.
  • Detailed roadmaps for each assessed policy pathway, additionally outlining a legal_draft for the implementation of key provisions of two recommended policy pathways for a harmonization of RES(-E) support.
  • A mid-term conference, two topical workshops as well as three regional dissemination workshops and a final conference has been organized throughout the project period. For further details click here.


General contact for more infomation: resch@eeg.tuwien.ac.at
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